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    1. Saying first is the most fucked up douchey thing to do … just stop. You’re making an ass of yourself.

  1. whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, that’s really a multi fail right there! First: “A fathers Joy” – Do I really even have to mention that there’s something missing… Well, no, I’m not a grammar Nazi so I will NOT mention it… But then: spelling “joy” with a capital J right after “father” without a capital F? – That’s wrong in so many ways…

    And those portraits… well, There are some skin diseases which are more pleasant to look at…

    1. and WHY does this J look like a Y and why is the name Amanda not spelled with a capital A – Fuck , this shit’s makin my brain hurt.
      btw. – Yeah, I actually failed too, spelling “there” with a capital T – This pic really fucked with my mind…

    2. The guy has 2 cartoon like images of his kids on his body, as well as the spelling, this guy failed terribly!!

  2. This is why you research your artist people! I want to find the guy who did this hack job and break his arms. My preschooler has more talent. Scratchers must die!

  3. This is terrible. I would never get a tattoo of my kids done by a scratcher. Save up your well earned money for a professional, appealing tattoo instead of something that looks like trash. Now he’s probably gonna have to spend more to get it fixed.

  4. Never EVER get a human face tattooed on your body.
    Humans are exceptionally adept at recognising human faces and will notice anything wrong within a few hundred milliseconds. So any minor error the ‘artist’ makes will be seen a mile off by every single human.

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