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    1. Women who think with their c*nts have the same problem guys have who think with their dicks. IT DOES NOT MAKE THEM ANY SMARTER !!
      Horniness never helps to make wise decisions & choices.
      Use your brains people !!

    2. Right. And if Chris has a match Vs one of these chicks he would have a Flawless Victory. And maybe a Fuckality…if the bitch still breathes xD

    1. i knowright all women want is an abusive man, they want the love he first gave her so she hangs around with him waiting and hoping he gives the love back to her, she’ll do anything for him and to him for that love, but he just keeps a beating on her, and not her vag either, so remember this lesson, just dont aim for the face.

  1. ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ส็็็­­­ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ส็­็­็­ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ says:

    NOTICE: Their all white…

    1. Spin a leek. Get a drink. Better have dried fish for breakfast. You will be up and about and back on the road in no time.

      J̜̦̃̒̿̔̽̇O͔̺̟̫̦ͦ͋I̒́҉̷̫̺̬̺͔̭̲͈N̸̴̮̙̤̲̰͉̖̎ͥͤͭ̎̅̚ ̷͓̗̳̲̞̯͖ͦ̊̃̍͜Ų͉͐ͭ͜S̝̥̫͍̠ͮ̔́!̨̭̪̹̗̪͚ͨͣ͘͢

  2. yeah sure, they would take a beating by some douchebag. but if you wanna fuckem in the ass they tell you “no it hurts”.

  3. really though? see, its women like that that make the rest of us look fucking stupid. way to degrade yourselves you dumb asses. let a man beat you because hes famous. no. fuck that. youre whores

    1. Agreed ! I’ll be damned if a man ever lays a hand on me in anger. Actually, he will cuz after I fuck him up my daddy and his gun will make it so the dude is never seen again!

  4. How thick can they be. Infact I hope they do have someone who beats them coz then the normal women will be free to date the real men ie the men that don’t beat women

  5. DAMN!!!! All White TRASH………. Or NI#GER LOVERS…………. Right FRED… Is that why you live in the gettooooooooooooo..

  6. Why some girls like to degrade themselves to stupid fuck whores. I don’t want to say they would deserve to be beaten for that, but… well, they would.

  7. as a woman who has been beat up by a man (only once then i left… didn’t give a chance to happen again) this is awful.. no matter how hot, rich or famous a man is it’s never ok to beat a woman and any woman with any self respect would never say “he can beat me anytime” that’s just ridiculous

  8. I suspect all those chicks that tweeted (twits) have 911 on their speed dial just incase their boyfriends knock them into the next Rhianna video…. Ooopps too soon? my bad…

  9. Thought’s the most disgusting thing I have ever heard in my life. These are some desperate, money hungry, insecure, ignorant hynas… Beyond clueless dumb senseless…

  10. Ah I get it, the sole purpose of using bogus hash tags is for people to read them like mini tweets. A tweet within a tweet.

  11. Nope, they’re not stupid, can’t you people see it…

    crying in the court room…your honor – he beat me really bad, even worse than he did Rihana, so i’m suing him for 50 million dollars! So that he won’t do it to anyone else AGAIN!

  12. u guys r all fuckin stupid sayin
    ohh i will let chris beat me up anny day ur fuckin dum but yea wen he is beatin you u will be cryin

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