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  1. Judging from the soft tummy I can see on the one on the right, I’m guessing she already popped out her own hellspawn recently.

  2. This isnt a party dumb asses, its a baby shower dont you see the gifts on the far right and the ribbon on her shirt!! Only people that failed was

    1. Baby shower!! Soo what!! She couldn’t wear anything better then what she had on.. Why walk around with a dirty tanktop on and some tights.. Wow I bet you did the samething.. SMH @Smh.. Some dumb chick (stewie voice) haha

    2. Urm, I thought baby showers were parties? Ya know, gifts, balloons, games, food…? It’s a fail because they both look like crack whores. Nothing like an attractive mother to pull up her see through tank top to expose her belly. I mean, like it’s not obvious she’s pregnant… The only fail is you, stupid.

  3. That’s why Dante will always win… back in Renaissance Italy there was no place for scuba diving. They just loved to play football – can’t blame them for that. I just smile at all the blood flowing. Yes, I’m crazy, I have Grey Poupon, I need dollars for pounds but at least I don’t smell bad!

  4. If this is how my generation is going to end up, then oh Lord…..Just take me to a magic place , a magic place…other than Planet earth.*+*+*+ :3

    1. every teenage mother is immediately called a slut. Maybe you’re also an slut, but you prefer not to be an teenage mother/father so you can fuck every guys/girls you see. You should look at your self first, and shame on you. Have some respect, they are human too like you.

      My job here is done.
      Peace 🙂

  5. Yeah typical FObs, welcome to West Auckland , New Zealand which is where it looks like this pic was taken, I’ve seen those two before…

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