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  1. What happens when all the REAL music artists are gone and these idiot kids don’t know what REAL music is? It’s a shame that they can’t take time to appreciate things this world grew up on, things that were wholesome. I know it’s probably crazy thinking.. But it would be nice to know that someone out there still had morals and values bringing their bratty ass children up.

  2. I am a member of the younger generation who DOES know who Paul McCartney is, and I DO listen to older music, but to all of you who are of the older generation and are ashamed that your kids don’t know the “Real Music” and “Real Artists”…your parents thought the exact same thing about you. We are going to think the exact same thing about our kids. It’s just progress, it’s just a new generation that likes what the music that their peers made, and not the music that their parents made (AND YOU DID THE EXACT SAME THING). It’s only natural, don’t criticize us. If you think your right, and I’m wrong, then prove me wrong with rational examples related to the last 100 years (which is when music really began to change/develop (changing every decade instead of every century)). “Don’t just say, I’m right and your wrong because….well just because.” Because saying something like that, is just being a “bratty ass child”.

    1. I’m glad I don’t have any smartass little brats that I’d have to knock into next week for assuming what I’d be thinking about them….
      I wasn’t speaking of EVERY young person… I was talking about the majority of them. Don’t take shit so personal eh?

    2. one thing is to not know who is some random artist/band, and another is not to know who is an artist/band recognized in the whole world, who was in a band tath marks a before/after in the music…

    3. And for another thing.. I was mainly talking about the younger generation as in the YOUNGER (15 and younger) So if you ARE a member of the younger generation I was talking about you need to have your bratty ass in the bed… NOT up arguing with grown folk. smh fuckin kids

    4. Sorry bro you got it wrong. I’m 18, my generations is filled with a bunch of idiots, and a majority of music these days is absolute crap, made by people with no creativity or talent. Some is pretty good though.

    5. @CanadianGuy,

      No, I think you have it wrong. I am 28, I listen to music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00-06, then I noticed that there was a bunch of music that sounded like shit, it’s not progress really it’s not. What you younger people are doing is taking shit that my GENERATION listened to, and that of my parents generation and mixing it all together, rewording it and calling it new, NO it’s old fucked up shit that used to be cool. I am glad though that you know who Paul McCartney is, thats good maybe there is still some hope for the future., Now go do your homework and get to bed it’s late and the adults are talking

    6. i am 30 and listen to everything all the way back to Billie Holiday. I heard too many say “who is Whitney Houston?” I am inclined to agree with Cookie Monster. Just because they like it doesn’t make it music. Digitally altered, minimal lyrical work, more focus on beat and the “artists” appearance. Am I wrong? Nicki Menaj rhymes words with the same word, we don’t even get the benefit of a play on words or anything. Souja boy says his name over 70 times in crank dat souja boy.

    1. Thank Goddess I had a parent that raised me on music like Joplin, Floyd, Hendrix, etc. Every time crap like this happens to pop up I can know I’m aware of relevant music.

  3. This is what wasteful music those it makes people idiots. Paul McCartney is an amazing performer.Rock history should be mandatory in schools.

  4. These guys have never heard of The Beatles? Really?
    Sha na na na naaaaa naaaaa Hey Jude.
    I’ve been forced to hear rap and club music at work and I’ve heard some Beatles music mixed into hip hop and crap like that and when I try to point that out to the kids I work with they just look at me like I don’t know what I’m talking about.
    It takes skill to sing, it just takes a minimal education to rap. Hell, all rap is just a guy talking into a mic and saying rhymes. How fucking hard is that. There is a reason there aren’t many black rock artists. It takes actual musical skills and talent to sing and perform rock and roll and none what’s so ever for rap, hence the blacks involved in rap. At least RnB requires that you actually have singing talent and skills. Rap requires that you talk and rhyme. Hmmmm

    1. You’re a fucking idiot. Record yourself trying to rap some bars one day. It’ll end up on epic fail. N what’s with the separation of “black” and “white” music? Good job at catching beatles lines in a rap song, but u really don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Rap isn’t explicit Dr. Seuss. Educate yourself. Maybe next time u won’t sound like such a prick in an open forum like this one.

    2. Buddy you are a MORON, Do me a favour search up “canibus – poet laureate infiniti part 2” Then come back and tell me what you think, this is a rapper who is smarter,and more successful then u will ever be, he has a PHD in computer sciences for christsake.

    3. While yes most rap is absolutely retarded, there are some extremely intelligent and talented artists out there. The worlds not all black and white guys.

  5. Look on the bright side people, these are the intellectually challenged, dimwitted, more then mildly retarded idiots we have to depend on to look after use when we get older….

    1. Kiwi, that is what scares me every day. 🙁 In 20 years or so, there is going to be huge amounts of adults walking around who are only able to read at a grade 2 level. But these people will be running the world.

  6. Maybe the parents of the beetles generation let their kids listen to that instead of the garbage that comes out today. Then our Younger generations wouldn’t be messed up.

  7. Buddy you are a MORON, Do me a favour search up “canibus – poet laureate infiniti part 2″ Then come back and tell me what you think, this is a rapper who is smarter,and more successful then u will ever be, he has a PHD in computer sciences for christsake.

    1. So you’re saying he wasted his eduction on a field he wasn’t planning on working in?
      Sounds pretty smart…

    2. Herman, you can have an education and still be a rapper things happen and directions change in life. i know someone who raps as a hobby but is going to college to become an electrical engineer.

    3. funny thing i’m going to college for the same thing…and i wont watch the video because i just don’t like rap.

    1. Thats mainstream rap. Lots of underground rappers are quite intellectual and deep. Unfortunately its not well known because kids just want to listen to music about weed, sex, and money.

    1. Kobura,

      I don’t know what your religion is, but thats not a funny joke to make about Jesus. I mean it is bull shit though that Muslims can pray in school but CHRISTIANS can’t. How the fuck does that make sense, being as how they are praying to the same GOD?

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