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    1. Yeah, but don’t piss the Asian girl off too much and fall asleep. They’re very well known for cutting guys’ dicks off while he sleeps. Point is: women are fucking dangerous, period. And not just while they’re on their period.

    2. Yes, we women are dangerous on our periods, our commas, our parenthesis, our hyphens, and our exclamations and question marks. Mind your P’s and Q’s while you’re treading on those dividends– they can be a real doozy.

    3. yes but with an asian girl a good fuck and she’s out for hours! then send her to clean the house and dishes, whole day over and done.

    4. ME and FRED, You 2 can’t be that STUPID!!!! Look at her, she is a NIG#ER…………
      STOP Looking at MAN ASS-O ……….. There is a word out there………….

    5. I don’t know, me. The asian girls I’ve dealt with will fuck for hours and then try to feed you ginseng root and everything else to get you to go again. They’re hellions! I like hellions!

    6. that’s what i’m saying a good 5 hour fuck then spend the rest of the day ordering them to clean they love that. that’s there ideal gift to serve you and honor your penis.

  1. this kids is why you beat your wife, so that way when you get her flowers for Valentines Day she accepts the gift with gratitude, also i bet she didnt get him anything but a death threat.

  2. I think the bigger fail here is that the cops charged her with a misdemeanor and let her out on a measly $2500 bail. She should be charged with attempted murder.

  3. Newspaper leaving out a fact. When she first asked why he didn’t get her a present, Mr Brown replied “didn’t have any cash left after I got the earrings for my number 1”

  4. Such BS! if this would have been a man who attempted to gain access into a room like this there would be felony charges like attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

  5. im so shocked that this was a black woman… im even more shocked that it happened in the U.S. Fuck america is a shit hole!

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