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  1. I’m pretty sure that I see more eyebrow/makeup/sexy fail than anything else. Bitch gives herself an artificial mustache! >.<

    1. thats the thing, why would they wear such makeup anyways?
      dont they know that kind of makeup would affect her kids too?

  2. She’s on some hard drugs if she really things she looks good. My 3 year old can do a better job with her play make up than that. Y qpasa con este vato mas feo solamente una mujer asi de fea estuviera con un hombre asi de feisimo

    1. Uuh… beaners? right, this bitch is ugly but I think you’re fucked up if you think all Mexican women actually look this shitty. This is a sub-culture, that in most parts of the country wouldn’t even be considered an actual mexican, so GTFO with your racist shit, this is just an ugly bitch who does a terrible job putting on make up.

  3. This is actually painful! Do these bitches really REALLY think that this is in any possible way attractive? Her eyebrowns are drawn almost to her hairline and she purposely darkens her mustache? Is this a halloween costume possibly? I am not trying to be funny… I really am curious because NOBODY can think this is attractive!

  4. I think it’d be cool and draw in my eyebrows everyday depending on what mood I’m in….hmm today I feel suspicious, I think I’ll make one higher than the other…

  5. qoq you guys are all smart fails!! if you had a brain you would be able to tell this is all fake and made up for epicfail website !! you guys all fail on this one

    1. your a racist bastard Mexicans are not the only one that do this look at the wana b white girls..this girl is a fake its like saying everyone in your race is all in the kkk so grow the fuck up

  6. Well least her man got out of the pinta once in a while to be in the photos she has to send to him later on when he is locked up.

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