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    1. What the fuck is a lapricorn?!? o_O

      The only offense you’ve given is to the English language. If you’re going to use it to insult people then at least use it correctly… <_<

    2. chris , so what if she’s bulgarian ??? I am bg so what ? The video is pretty funny yeah but it has nothing to do with her nationality … A ako si bulgarin i za tova znaesh 4e i tq e (zaradi muzikata razbira se ) zna4i ti ni izlagash mn pove4e otkolkoto momi4eto !!!!!

    3. Wow people this is what happens when a brother and sister have sex look at the out come my god lmfao

  1. It breaks my heart that people put this girl down. I’m not saying i… enjoyed the video but still doesn’t mean you should say cruel things

    I am EROTICA on ourWorld btw

  2. so this was the missing elf in lord of the rings…. just had to top it off with that dead bird on your head at the end huh???

  3. She’s bulgarian..unfortunately. also we were in the same class in 2-4 grade..sorry for my bad english, but yeah I know this bitch..the sad thing is she’s more stupid than ugly.. lol.

  4. scenario if u wer 2 meet this chick or male wut evr in real life conversation would b
    Her:excuse me my eyes r ovr here
    Gandalf:im sorry your ears r so fucking huge i couldnt stop staring at them

  5. She’s not that bad-looking, I’ve definitely seen much worse on here. Where she fails (and she does) is in wardrobe, the sudden, jerky moves and the very un-seductive facial expressions while she’s.. dancing(?). Fix the hair, sex up the wardrobe and work on the facial expressions… then she can turn a dance like this into something that can be considered seductive. (It don’t matter what she looks like guys, even the very ugliest girl can pull off a seduction if she does it right. Y’all are just cruel.)

  6. The camera is moving so she clearly has someone else who’s filming her and I blame that person for being such a bad friend who hasn’t told her how ridiculous she was :/

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