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    1. China easier to get laid on a nightly basis. and if one of them gets pregnant she takes care of it without saying a word

    2. I’ve got a TEFL certificate laying around here somewhere. I’d like to go there and check out the situation.

    1. I don’t always reply to my own comments. But when I do it’s because I’m astonished that I posted the only comment in decent English yet.

    2. Under normal circumstances I would disagree with because, in all fairness, your sentence made little sense as well. However, in this case I would have to agree with you after reading some of the other comments 😛

  1. It’s kind of weird that he was twitching out on the ground right after that “face plant”. That sure as hell knocked the sense out of him.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA oh my god that is so damn funny. That kid is a retard and deserves every ounce of pain he got! he looks so stupid while he’s having a seizure

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