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    1. ^ The line I think goes like “I guess old people are not completely useless after all.” From “Dumb and Dumber” (Jim-the God-Carey)

    1. Yeah, Nicky, “WHAT are you doing with FRED ASS???”?
      And when are we going to go find this fuckwit and kick his inbredded ass?

    2. “And when are we going to go find this fuckwit and kick his inbredded ass?”
      What a great idea! Plus I have pointy boots.

    3. She could just tell the authorities she has dementia and has no idea how she suddenly has a huge amount of drugs strapped to her frail old body.

    4. na im still around just been busy with my new career gay porn
      No homo keeping it real…. peace from Jerusalem

    1. Yep. Probably one of her darling grandkids. She was probably talking about how sweet they are while this was taking place. You know how they love to talk about the grandkids.

    2. No, grammie, it’s cooking supplies… they just want to charge me some hefty import fees for them so I need you to take them for me.

    1. Social Security doesn’t pay enough. Gotta earn some extra cash to pay payments on that RV they remortgaged the house for.

  1. Poor old lady. Why would someone make her go thru this. People these days are so ignorant and stupid. Who ever did this to her should burn in hell and suffer.

    1. The question is why would you fucktard Americans keep doing drugs after seen the consequences of it. Bu off course … you got your heads buried up your ass so deep you can’t think outside the box.

    1. Well, thank you, Deedee. But it’s Nicky that’s the “funny” one. I’m, however, always quite serious.

  2. Dammnnn poor lady she gonna get some serious time atleast she got paid alot to do that, Maybe next time she’ll think before she decides to do that again…Fuck alls of you cabrones except silva

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