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  1. RIP headphone users >.< seriously please can anyone tell me what he was tryin? he sounded a bit like he was trying to shit brix.

    1. he was trying to do a transformation into a super saiyin by spontaniously realease all of his energy at once
      (Dragon Ball Z)

    2. first of all he’s doing that all wrong and the minimum weight to transform ito super saiyan in about 135lbs this guy looks about 100-125 lbs and he must of mistaken the techniques for trying to shit brix.instead of going super saiyan lol i watched DBZ when i was akid and this kid just ruined it

  2. He looks like he is super constipated. Or trying to turn into the hulk. Not sure. Mega FAIL whatever it is. Biggest fail, he somehow thinks this was cool.

    1. That awkward moment when “Fred” thinks dB are in the Ultra High FREQUENCY Zone…. Lemme guess, Flintstone? -.-

  3. Would have been awesome if he fainted from all the yelling…

    but someone can make this kids fantasy come ture jus do some photoshop give’em some flames and some golden fro.

    1. thats actually what i though was gonna happen at the end. i was thinking he did some cg ish and made his hair blonde or something.

  4. you lot are obviously past the time of this TV show which he is copying. its called Dragonball Z and he is copying the Episode where Goku fights Freeza on the planet Namek. There the first time 300,000 years a Sayian becomes a Super Sayian. but its a cartoon 🙂

    1. I kept waiting for his grandfather to come around the corner with a belt in his hand, saying, “Boy, what’d I tell you about that screaming in my house shit?”

  5. im gandalf and u r not a super saiyan your a poverty stricken black person that is why you cnt b a super saiyan they dnt accept monkeys

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