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  1. Am I wrong or are the coordinates completly not the same as it shows on the calculator?
    I mean its actually y=x^5(i belive its 5) – something
    y=x^5 + something
    this is actually the same thing twice so how can it be a heart?

    1. The negative on one square root and the positive on the other give you opposites so you get the one half and then the flip of that half.

    2. This is a Nerd win, I would rather go out with a smart guy with glasses than with a brainless hockey player. But anyway, I just don’t see the purpose in Valentine’s day. BLAH!

  2. its not the same, the first one has a “+” and the second one “-” no math genious, but it makes sense to me 🙂

  3. i only get the right half of it, ok that doesnt surprise me as long as negative x cannot be solved thanks to x^1/2. Am I doing something wrong? 😀 Thats x^(1/2)+-(24-x²)^(1/2) or not?

  4. I tried and it works. I have a similar calculator but with a bigger screen. You can also experiment with bigger values insted of 24 in the square root.
    Pretty interesting actually.

  5. don’t know what…but if you look at the terms it’s clear that you don’t have something for x<0 because of the x^(1/2)? 😀

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