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    1. Multiple comment fail.
      1. “dipsht” is 100% correct.
      2. Then is a time. Than is a reference.
      3. Capitalize, you fucking twit.
      4. Would, not “will”.
      5. Because the tattoo is pretty cool, even if not original.
      6. WTF was homo about that, other than you obviously being too busy jerking off to type with two hands, you mongoloid fucktard?

      In closing, please drink battery acid. Thatisall.

    1. Yeah, that’s the general nature of tattooing.

      I’m really starting to lose faith in humanity by trolling you idiots.

    1. I guess you need a better internet connection.

      Or do your fingers stutter? Tourettes is a bitch.

    1. FRED!!!! Stop Eating your BOOGERS………….. I’ll Cum in your Mouth………….
      Just how you like it……………….

    2. I imagine it must be really annoying to have a virtual gremlin following your every move on here, relentlessly posting nonsensical, semi-legible school-level insults.

      I genuinely feel sorry for you 2lolo whoever you are, that your life is empty and pointless enough that you can take pleasure in such things. Enjoy your trolling! It’s pretty much all you’ve got to look forward to in life.

  1. As a professional tattooist myself, all I can say is “WIN”. Clean lines, sound colouring and shading. All you retards slagging this tattoo off have no idea what your talking about. Crawl back to church or whatever Pokemon comic you were reading and leave the tattoos to the adults. Peace

  2. This tat is badass!!!! to all the haters…. who the fuck cares if its “unoriginal” its good work and not everysingle person has this…. plus whats really unoriginal is hating and being negative ….so live it up!

  3. First u have to look at it as artwork never mind where he put it and its definetly a win.
    Then u gotta give the guy credit he got balls for doing that.
    And finally hes getting so much ass off of that tat u cant hat.
    Congrts pimp on the win ,im out

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