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    1. Fuck, I thought we had seen the last of you. pity. If you had died and gone to homo hell, your mom wouldn’t even feel bad.

  1. Thank you for the amusement. No I am not copying my friend the Lizard Man he’s a lizard I’m a snake, he’s green I’m brown. Your comments are amusing and appreciated.

    1. You nay think you look like a snake… but to everyone else you just look like an absolute idiot, and a freak, and a loser, and a gay. I’m not kidding when i say that you have failed at life.

  2. Its ashame people will see this freak of nature, and automatically think all gay guys are getting crocodile skin
    tattooed on them. I wonder what his mother thinks! 0.o

  3. man… thats messed up yall need to get a life and stop talkin shit about other people. Its his life he can do what he wants so shut the hell up dumb asses.

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