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    1. they want offensive? spic & span? helloo……

      oh…and those damn popeye commercials with the black lady in them professing her love for fried chicken….thats offensive, this is just an everyday phrase

  1. Oh wow, big deal… I’m from Britain, I’m a ‘Brit’. Australians are Aussies. Is this racism? Most would say no… It seems that racism only comes into it when their skin colour is different, which is beyond ridiculous. Really the words ‘Brit’ and ‘Aussie’ should be considered racist by this standard.

    1. perhaps you would be correct if white people had oppressed every single minority in this country. Being a “brit” affords you the luxury of not having our history. Please believe WHEN they start dogging you for being foreign and killing those who are like you cause they think they are better and they can.. You will hate the names they create to make you feel like less of a person.

    1. LYMBE, Talking with my penis in your mouth……………… You sound like INTELLECTUAL DUDE………………..

    2. Lymbe weighs around 320lbs. He is a homosexual with a little ass dick. He lives with his momma in a small West Virginia town. They have kids together. I will pick up his bicycle and throw it at his fat ass mother when I see them.

  2. chink1    [chingk] Show IPA
    a crack, cleft, or fissure: a chink in a wall.

    So what’s wrong with the headline? Just because some people thought they were using the term as a derogatory term against Chinese people, doesn’t make it offensive.

    1. But you have to admit, sports headlines are puns more often than not. Even if it was completely innocent, you can’t blame people for getting the wrong idea.

    2. people like you who rationalize racism simply because it doesn’t affect you are the reason this country sucks.

  3. I think this “yellow” journalsim is not “coolie” written and could land someone in a pretty “gookie” place. Maybe the “slant” on the who thing was to “slope” gently down to and then “zip” to a non-offensive point.

    What a bunch of shit! We have become a nation of whining cunts.

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