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  1. Yep, that’s the gun runner that’s causing all our problems. Now that the Feds know what he looks like he’s as good as dead.

    1. I don’t think the comment was aimed at me, but he was just making a point. The armory officer or his representative makes everyone bringing in a weapon clear it of any ammo. And he’s correct, the ammo is kept seperately from all the weapons. So, apparently, Bryan there works in an armory and let his son pose with those weapons. Right?

  2. This violates physical security regulations and reflects poorly on the apparent lack of professionalism by the military member involved. Such an “innocent” lapse in discipline, integrity, and moral fortitude just to seem “cool” for the kid could result in a CID or command investigation and have career-ending consequences. Just sayin.

    1. But if the CO approved that the guy can bring in his son to the armory for -Take Your Kid Into Work Day- and he is supervised, then it’s ok, right?

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