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  1. that song make girls wet in spain… No Idea what the song is saying but I get to take girls home after they here it so I’m okay with that.

    1. You just made history, making the most intellectual, yet most unintelligible statement, ever on this site. Still better than 2lolo has ever done.

    2. whoa, your comment got me seeing the motherfuckin truth in a space vessel. I think I should lay off the blotter…

    1. Don’t worry buddy. I feel your pain. My problem is, I can still talk shit while I’m drunk and continue to make an ass of myself. You’re lucky you can pass out gracefully.
      Good night, and rest peacefully.
      Just remember: We’re here to make fun of your goofy fucking ass when you get back! Ha!

  2. Maybe she has a penis. Maybe not. I don’t really care… But actually that could explain quite a lot… temporal rifts and unbalanced gravitational fields ‘n stuff.

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