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  1. what a pack of fucking morons, that idiot laughing at his “friend” , what the fuck is wrong with you? you don’t get out much and so any little thing that happens when your out has to be met with riotous laughter? dipshit, and to the one who actually hit himself, here’s my advice. Get new friends.

  2. Im sure the moron chose to do it himself. I didnt see his friends forcing dumb fuck to swing the bat. WIN for smashing in your own teeth with a baseball bat….now use it on your friend the hyena!

  3. fucking amateurs, drove then walked all the way out there away from mommy and daddy to smash one pos tv…. or just bust a tooth….

  4. The only reason this dumbass was the one to try to get a homerun with a television was because the usual dumbass (the camera man) already had a broken arm (see ending of video) probably from something stupid they tried to do previously

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