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    1. Rriiight… now if we could just figure out what the fack you’re trying to say. Jibberish..and what are you doing playing on the computer without your helmet on? The inbred mongoloid that brought about your insulting existence didn’t choke back the gag reflex long enough to impregnate your circus-freak-bearded-lady-donkey-show-mom just to have you ignore the instructions given to him by the doctor. You’re mush half-brain can only take a couple more bumps before it craps all the way out. Yes, I realise it won’t really be much of a change when you are brain dead but it makes your daddy look all the worse that he can’t control his slobbering, raving, loudmouthed, illiterate, half-wit of a daughter enough to keep her from having to go back to diapers to keep the floors dry…hell, judging by your feeble, pathetic attempts at cursing and homoerotic fixation you just graduated from them a week ago. Now brush your tooth and get back in your cage, you obnoxious excuse for a mutant orangutan!

      P.S. If you’re waiting to happen across a rope to do us all the favor, keep in mind you can choke yourself with a belt just as easily. 😉 G’night sport.

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