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  1. Nothing says sexy like a green polo shirt. I call non-fail. Unattended children in the background is FAIL material. Moms showing t&a with kids in the pic is FAIL material. This looks like an older sister not showing nearly enough

  2. A beaner. Go figure. I’d bet it’s her kid napping on the bed with grandma who most likely takes care of it while Juanita sluts around working on baby #2 and a bigger government subsidy. Baby factory spics are what is bankrupting the U.S. government…

    1. So where do you get off being a racist prick talking shit for all you know she’s cuban Dominican Peruvian puerto rican so high need to get your mind correct and for God i couldn’t agree with you more i too earn as much oh yeah marky I’m Mexican with one kid so don’t talk shit you arrogant fuck

  3. ok this is not a fail that is obviously mommy and baby asleep in background and big sis tacking a stupid pic for her FB. @marky even if she is a beaner at least she has some class and is fully clothed not id say a lot better than some red neck who wants to blame the fact that he has no job on all the beaners when its really that you are to lazy or spend to much time getting drunk and trying to feel up your cousin. And before you make the comment I am white and from the south but, I make over 100,000 a year because I am not a lazy judgmental prick!!

    1. wake up tardboy. mexicans are quietly reproducing like rabbits and slowly shoving their language and flag down our throats. it doesn’t take a ‘lazy judgmental prick’ to make that observation. you know nothing about me. oh…and i’m quite proud of your income! great job! good work! now gtfo the internet because it is YOU being the judgemental prick.

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