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    1. What is up with white peopole and their Prius’ ? Thats My Cousin! And i drive a mazda so your whole Honda Thing, Think twice..

    1. Sit this one out Fred.
      2lolo, you’re so stupid that you make your mom look smart. Speaking of your mom, I was drilling her sideways the other day and I told her to squeal like a pig, and she said “Mooo”. And everyone there laughed so much, almsost as much as when I gave her a dildo for her birthday and she showd-up the next day with her front teeth broken.

  1. I hope people know that in jail if you have your pants down passed your ass it means you are ready for anal sex…. it makes your masculinity nonexistent. Just saying.

  2. i took this picture….and he doesnt really wear his pants like that he just did it as a joke…the people who really think he wears his pants like that are so gullible…

  3. i’m glad he was joking around while we was doing a car club photo shoot he always joke around like that you people are stupid i swear

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