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  1. He’s the producer of every duet song ever recorded. He rocks the socks off of anyone who loves mixed rappers and singers who combine there voices to make the perfect beat. How do you not know who Feat is?!?

  2. I’ve had a similar facebook status, completely sarcastically though. No way she’s being sarcastic, women lack the intelect…Epic Fail constantly basically trolls themselves. I’d call this Epic Fail’s fail.

  3. Oh yeah! We REALLY lack the INTELLECT, to be sarcastic! You must know us really well?! :O

    THAT, was sarcasm. 😀 Now, tell me Phil, do we women, actually LACK intellect, to be sarcastic? Or, are you just being stupid? ;D

    1. Zoey… In a comment about sarcasm, wouldn’t you expect some sarcasm? I thought it was fairly obvious… I was saying that she was being sarcastic… Goddamn people are stupid.

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