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    1. he’s wearing jeans…so you’re probably right..but if he was trying to work out in jeans that’s a fail.

    1. It is a machine used to stretch your body muscles. By the way why is this a fail? Never seen anyone sit a little bit and relax why in gym? I’ve seen many people watch TV (when something interesting is on) while in gym, nothing weird or funny there. Post fail.

  1. It’s that “working” shit in “working out” that fucks it up for me. I get a better “workout” when I refer to it as “fucking out”.
    I realize I set myself up for some fallout, so bust my balls, will ya?

  2. my bet, his wife makes him goes to the gym. this is him puttin in the time so he doesn’t come home to her naggin.
    do whatcha gotta do, WIN.
    and he’s not just resting in between sets… a big guy like that would have some sweat stains.
    and wouldn’t be wearing jeans.

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