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  1. Cool, he can flip shit and make food. I have never seen this before, even when I go to ANY japanese restaurent.

    1. Interesting… seems to be in Thailand (note the Baht-sign on the menu) but actually the guy doesn’t look like a Thai at all…

    2. This is in Thailand, I was there a week ago and seen this in person, it’s called “fruit pancake” or “Roti”, it’s really good when done right. This guy has skills though. I thought the guy that I bought from was good, but this dude is fuckin awesome.

    3. Roti is also a traditional flat(unleavened) bread originating in South Asia (Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka). A thinner version is also found in India(called chapati). Roti can also be found in parts of the Southern Caribbean influenced by South Asian culture.

    1. This. These roti guys piss in bottles at their stand and don’t wash their hands after pissing or taking money.

  2. probably he goes to the shitroom and dont wash hands … after that you eat his shits … and the people wonder why those mufukers die from unknown diseases …

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