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    1. Kebab = sheep meat impaled on a pike, grilled vertically ; the meat is cut into thin slices, which are traditonally put in a kind of sandwich in pita bread with tomatoes, onions, (french fries, possibly) and harissa …

  1. I think that is a precooked microwaveable pizza and at least it’s not undercooked. I guess the quality control person had to take a shit for a few minutes.

    1. English language site. If I went to a french site and typed in English I would expect the same sort of comment.

  2. Dude, my fashion teacher did this like two weeks ago! She was cooking a pizza in the microwave and forgot about it, and the room smelt like burnt popcorn and then she remembered and ran to get the pizza. As it turns out, the microwave beeped but it kept going, cooking, so this happened:) Lesson learned, Don’t leave you’re food unintended with a very old microwave!

    1. Once again, kebab is not French. I know some people don’t konw much about cuisine, but there’s a minimum to know about.

    2. Welcome to globalization Quelqu’un. Pretty sure tacos are global now as well. Yes many other countries speak French but assuming this is a Frenchman is pretty fair.

  3. kebab-turkish,gyros-greeg,pizza-italy,sandwitch-england,the most of the Mc Donalds Shit is creating by some Guys arround the Globe to maximize the profit with trash!(USA)

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