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    1. @Jimzilla Thank you for notifying all those people on the internet that you are indeed: ‘Still a wanker!’

      @snorelax Learn to use capital letters in the front of each sentence, and in names. And if you want to express your homosexual feelings, might I suggest you not do it on the internet or public places?

    2. Technically snorelax was making a joke by implying the ending to your started sentence. i.e.: “First to suck a dick.” Since you capitalized the first word it was unnecessary for him to do anything but ad punctuation (like maybe a “.”) Which you also neglected to do making your sentence neither a sentence fragment or a statement. Not that I care either which way, but if you’re going to make an attempt at correcting grammatical errors tie up your own loose ends first. ^_^

  1. If all physically handicapped people rocked their disability, we would have a world full of amazing dancers. (I know… this guy is not physically handicapped, but it is still fun to imagine)

    1. He IS physically handycapped…its polio….in germany KINDERLÄHMUNG…I think this is the guy from germanys got talent…

    1. No, no, no, I know everything.If I tried dancing in a busy club, people would not think it’s cool.

    2. People would clear the floor for him and anyone that touched him in a violent way would get his ass handed to him by hundreds of other onlookers. Fucking pussy.

    3. You sheeple make me sick with your sycophantic PC pandering… thinking that by applauding a few cripples you’re changing the world but then you never get off your lazy asses to actually make a difference. I’m allowed to joke about shit like this cus I have helped so um, yea, fuck you! Pussy.

    4. It may not be as impressive in a club setting but neither is ballet or honestly even break dancing for that matter. I mean seriously who does flares and in a crowded club. This is still very impressive on an artistic standpoint as far as dance in general goes. Not because he’s crippled but just because the dance was good.

    1. @skeeter- Thank you!!! I agree I think that was awsome taking what life has dealt you and making the best of it

    1. Dergin Tokmak… hes from Germany… and to those saying he isn’t disabled, he IS disabled. One of his legs doesn’t move in the video, if you notice. He actually had Polio.

  2. Now this was an awesome video but I am a bit confused is the dude actually handicapped? He was able to put pressure on one leg or the other at some point during the video. Which begs the question is he a faker?

    1. well i did notice through out the video the did not move one leg the whole time. I’m sure hes recovering from an accident.

    1. There’s eventually going to be a video here entitled “Fred’s Failure to Get His Foot Unstuck From 2lolo’s Ass”.

    2. @FRED,, WOW!!! I’m a lover, I Love Woman only… I don’t fight TRANNYs……
      If you want too pick a fight, please see LYMBE…. LYMBE fuck any thing on 4 legs…………………

    3. Ooooooo 2lolo. You are simply the worst at ripping people. But it is quite amusing watching you try every day. Keep trying.

  3. His name is dergin tokmak, look him up before you start bashing him. He got polio as a baby and lost use of his left leg and some use of his right leg.

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