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    1. Never. I’ve pulled her pants down many times for different versions and she’s always solid as a rock down there. Nothing. I think this is a fluke.

  1. My lil girl has this lol it comes with a water gun & you have to pump the thing sticking outta her back so the gun squirts water!!! PERVS lol

    1. it says “Barbie Really Squirts” not “Barbie has a squirt gun that works”, so the package designer was a perv and it WAS intentional kimmy

  2. you know what should be posted as a fail.. those fucking noise ads on the side… sure they pay for this site, and thats kewl.. but 2 ads, one below the other, with 2 recorded noise playing at the same time.. it’s a clash and just useless..

    1. The Axe ads are what piss me off. You have to take your cursor all around the edge of your screen to keep from rolling over it. Axe ads always piss me off anyway. They’re always stupid as fuck.

  3. I wonder… have there been any “enhancements” made to Ken that would give Mattel a reason to produce a squirting Barbie? – I mean like: “10-incher Ken”

  4. I don’t know what’s more fail….the fact that the box says that or that I immediately lol’d and made the sexual connection.

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