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    1. fuck you. who the actual fuck gives a half shit if your the first to mother fucking comment you stupid cunt. go to hell. you can be first all you want to there jack fuck.

  1. Parenting Fail? What, for having a sense of humor? and plus, I prefer white wine with a dash of cinnamon to go with the baby, but seriously, that is cute.

  2. nice chicken dinner and how about same baby back ribs and baby bacon….with some worthless fruit.

  3. Hi Jason if that is the name of the person who uploaded this picture, this baby is a daughter of a very close friend of mine, baby has down syndrome and has had 3 siguries since she was born of her hearth and stomach , family was happy beacuse she survived the surgey and was able to celebrate christmas she is not even 6 months old , this is not your picture this is a family memory of people that have gone trouugh a lOt of pain with this baby she was very near to die , im asking you out of humanity and kindness Of your heart to remove this picture of this site. I know that the picture does not have copy rights and anybody can use it , but i really hope you can understand the situation. I really appreciate if you do it , thanks in advanced best regards fyi the family is in an association that helps babys and kids with down syndrome. Hope you have a great life

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