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    1. STRANGE………. That’s why I keep telling myself about FRED………… Yesterday FRED dress up as a BLACK FAT Blonde and today FRED dress as a CHINESE GIRL …… Being a TRANNY is messing up his mind????????????

  1. There is only one guy there in a room full of girls is the ratio fail, But it took me a second to get it. The first fail i saw was the tit sweat. this picture is a fail.

  2. There is only one guy in a room full of girls is the ration fail, but it took me forever to figure that out. The fail i saw right off the bat is the tit sweat!

  3. The ratio fail is the guy, Which is stupid. The real fail is like the first said the boob sweat. I saw that as soon as i looked at the picture. I had to look forever to see the guy.

  4. Actually there’s two guys in this picture. If u look real close there’s a guy all the way in the back with a yellow shirt on..

  5. Ratio fail isn’t the two guys, ratio fail is for the girls not having enough guys to dance with. Too many girls, not enough guys means the guys will get a lot of attention (win).

  6. ^ Exactly why it says “Ratio WIN” not “Ratio FAIL” Only fail I really see in this picture is Ms. Piggies sweaty titties.

  7. I’m seriously the first pig to make a comment. Ok then, well the blond with the yellow shirt and black pants I know her. Shes 18 and good to go.

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