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  1. why a fail ??
    It is a common mistake to confound the nazi cross (right facing cross) with the mirror one (left facing), which is a standard bouddhism symbol, also use in anthical times.
    This one is definitivelly a peacefull one, so no logo fail at all…

    1. Either way the cross faces, the pre-Nazi connotations have always been largely positive and the way that Hitler & co. chose to have the cross point was apparently an arbitrary decision. Hail Hitler!!

  2. This, is NOT an actual fail. -.- The logo, is NOT positioned, in the RIGHT direction! Not a comment fail, people. It’s the truth. The Nazis, used(use) the Swastika, facing in the “RIGHT POSITION”! Though, other cultures, like Native Americans, Ancient Chinese, Celtics, etc, used the Swastika, in THIS position. O_o

  3. What the F… ?

    It’s doesn’t even look remotly as a Svastika !!!!!
    It’s not a question of orientation …

    It’s the Windows Logo.

    I know Crosoft is evil, but they aren’t Nazi !!!

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