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    1. Sure not… I was hoping for her to move that left hand at least ONCE … well at least you get a glimpse at the very beginning of the vid. That’s better than nothing.
      (The chick’s face is not so great, though – receding chin and kinda beaked nose…)

  1. I wonder whether the ears of that cat look like this due to a birth defect, as usually cats only flatten their ears that way when they’re terrified… this kitty look quite relaxed, though.

    1. It’s a Scottish Fold. Their ears are like that all the time. They are also too freakin’ cute!

    2. Oh, Scottish Fold – okay. Oh well, it’s a cute cat but that’s cute despite of those ears, not because of them.

  2. wow a cat that I actually like?……Listen here Epicfail, this video never existed and I was never here to comment on it……GOT IT!?

    1. Lymbe’s just about the least homophobic gay guy I know.

      BTW, God? I get to go to heaven even after all these vile and vulgar things I say, right? And do, right? I mean, all these Chistian fucks are really a bore, right?

  3. i only watched this because i could almost see up her skirt. who else did the same?

    all cat videos can burn in hell. im sick of seeing cat stuff on the net.

  4. My cat does that too when she wants me to pet her. It’s cute, unless I’m busy doing something and try to ignore her for a minute. Then she will give me a little bite, which I frown on.

  5. they know what there doing when they sit like that, it’s the only way they can get the attention they crave… dumb slut

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