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    1. They were driving right outside Moscow, if you see the highway signs that truck was about to get off the ramp to Moscow. He is gonna get his ass reamed by the police, poor guy!

    1. Seriously? What would you have done? Sped around him and honked your horn? Causing an accident? I say: comment fail.

    2. @beakt: overtake him, put the car emergency lights on, keep slowing while having hand off my window signalising him to stop. Is it that much problem? I think it would take less time than to reach for the phone and start recording (and no this is not the dashboard cam

  1. his day went from boring to shit in like half a second… *in the cab..dreaming* “I wonder what I will have for lunch..” *BANG!* “WHAT THE FUUUCCKK!!!”

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