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    1. Perhaps if you put a blanket over the top half, you could imagine that you’re having sex with a slim woman? When God closes a door, he opens a window.

  1. OmGosh!! It Does looks like a cloud!! Poor thing she really needs to get that fix cus looks like a Skinny girl carryng a Big Girl!! Her legs will mess up soon… :-O

  2. She has an overflowing muffin-top. Her body is not proportionate. She looks normal from her hips down, and looks so weird from the waist up.

    1. I’m thinking the same thing. I can’t get my head around how someone could carry so much fat on their back and not have ginormithighs!

      Perhaps by squishing her legs into the jeans, all the fat has been pushed up onto her back?

    1. Who the fuck is LIPO? Your brother? Brings to mind a duckfaced fuckwit with a straw in his mouth. Your alter-ego?

  3. I saw a woman at Disneyland with this same body shape, and was so perplexed…how in the hell does the fat distribute that way?! How is her lower half at least 4 sizes smaller than the top! Wtf!

  4. reminds me of ninja turtle back shell … oh damn now that i think of that creature … it must be rly hard to live (hers?) life

  5. The sheer physics of this picture are mind-boggling. My eyeballs wanted to vomit and yes, she does look like a Ninja Turtle…

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