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  1. These folks may be a little work-shy and pro-crime but they sure can dance. Even the little ones have got more moves than I do. Bigger dicks too.

    1. umm wow i hate when white ppl say they should owm a black person i hope one day they will kick a white persons ass for sayin tht shit about them….well this is comming from a white person and yes I LOVE BLACK PPL and if yall dnt like it then get the fuck over it!!!

  2. That’s the opposite of a “win”. It’s a little ape trying to procreate and further destroy the nation he’s in.

  3. if a picture of if there’s a pic or vid of a mom dancing like a whore in front of a kid..then it’s a parenting fail..but if a kid is dancing like a whore..then it’s a kid win?..

    hypocrisy and lack-of-moral fail

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