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  1. how come this resteraunt climatise has sex with bull advertise but in my country sex with bull illegal? how to sex with bull for money? lol stupid bull

    1. Bestiality is generally frowned upon in most places and I don’t think you have to pay the animals for sex. If you did, I’d need to extend my overdraft on a monthly basis.

    1. You could be right , however it also may be a southern U.S. restaurant , we all know how dumb those rednecks are , so this would be a perfect fit. Shit they probably use that phrase “YALL “ on their menus , BARF.

    2. but i love rednecks!!!
      their funny not stupid, i have a shirt that says
      “italians do it better, but rednecks GET ‘ER DONE… in the back it says “and that’s all that counts, right sis”

    3. LMAO @bluntgirl , great shirt , however the only thing Itai`s do better then anyone is jump on a ship and leave that greasy stinky country to come to America. The place must be a festering hell hole , the arm pit of europe.

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