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    1. check out the beak on that southern bell on the right , I bet you it says “YALL“ , when it enters the gay orgy room.

    1. i hate gay ppl tht shit is so nasty!!! ha if u dont like wat i said yall can get the fuck over it!!!

    1. Fred’s a black Latino Eskimo, so that can’t be him… and 2lolo is much smaller and much, much gayer.

  1. This is the image of the liberal democracy that America wants to promote into other countries. And you dare criticize socialism and communism!

  2. Being Ricky Martin it’s gay, being a “wachiturro” it’s just another way of being a dumbass.
    They ALL look that gay, but thy think they look awesome, and to make it worse, they all are totally unable to make an eatable sandwich

  3. maybe their style is not the best but they don’t look so bad actually, I’m aware that they war contact lenses… but anyway.

  4. R u kidding me?? Both look fuckin ridiculous! And mad gay. I guess thats the look they goin for. Faggy ridiculoso look. Haha!!

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