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    1. Idk….this may not be the foolery of Black folks this time (not to say other cultures can’t be ghetto but I’m assuming most people associate “ghetto” w/ Black). How many Black ppl you know are named Jenna or Natalia??? Not many…..

    2. If I had a daughter, I’d call her Fellacio. I think that’s a pretty name. At least that should get her plenty of dates even if she’s not too hot.

    1. Actually, you’re SECOND! And I bet, it’s not fake. ;D There are people out there, that are THAT stupid! Lol!

    1. You’ve clearly never met my neighbours… or 99% of the world’s population for that matter. Which isn’t surprising really, cus you probably don’t live around here and it would take a long time to meet even 1% of the world’s people, let alone the other 99%. Anyways! Post a retarded question on Yahoo and see how many people give a serious answer… even after others have pointed out the obvious trolling. Modern stupidity levels are depressing. I’m doing my bit to help by slowly killing myself with drink and drugs. 1 down, several billion to go.

    2. Well I might be “STUPID” in your mind, But I never will LICK FRED ASSS-O like you do everyday and night… Over 1000 man poke his ass. Please wipe the CUM off of your face………..

    3. You guys try to include me in games that I just don’t play.
      Now to more important matters: Got any nude photos, Melanie?

  1. Not as bad as “Nosmos King” (No Smoking sign above patient’s bed when asked on codiene what to name her kid); or “Oranjello” and “Lemonjello” (twins). “Shi-thead” was rejected by the hospital, but I heard the mother did it anyway via court. “Clitoris” was one that WAS allowed, she thought it was pretty. ALL ghetto-babies!

    1. im black myself and i agree on the fact that lots of black parents give their kids the most ridicolous names (like shyneenee). but using that ass a reason to say all black people are stupid says more about you than about black people

    2. Sorry but I never met a black person or known of one who’s name is Jenna or Natalia. Or who’s named their kids that. It’s just not ghetto enough. Sounds like a white person thing.

  2. He was putting everybody on. Did a good job. A few girls fell for it.
    Looked it up a little more on the original post. the poster was made by ‘Mike Hawk’….good one. lol.
    So it’s not as much as a FAIL (except for the childishness of it) but it WINS because people fell for it in the process.

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