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    1. yeah.. WTF.. she is kinda sweet though! I would let her sleep in my arms.. sexy adorable girl

    1. fucking retard if she was a bad mom she would have let her daughter keep her wisdom teeth and let her b in pain as a mother myself this was a funny video!!

  1. @Nicky No Name, Next time you ever Rape my Dog PINEAPPLE !!!!
    I’ll pull out all your TEETH………. You’re teeth left some deep marks on PINEAPPLE PENIS………..

    1. S T F U !!!!!! God I hate you bro … If I could make money from all the spelling mistakes you have in your comments and from all the times you don’t make any fucking sense I would have enough money to buy Epic Fail and delete you permanently. =)

    2. NOW! NOW! RUBBER CHICKEN…… I used you last night when I fuck a CRACK WHORE.. And I think I’ll reuse you tonight….

  2. I’m tempted to become a dentist, just to gain access to their drugs. Plus you get to molest patients. Unfortunately it takes money, effort and some intelligence to become a dentist… and I can muster very little of either.

    1. What kind of drugs are they giving people now? Qualudes? I thought those were illegal.
      If I was her I’d hit the liquor store. A fifth of scotch should make those valiums last nicely for awhile.

  3. And this is why I haven’t had my wisdom teeth removed and I thank my superior evolution that made it so that I have just enough room on my jaw for them to have grow in with just the growing pains to deal with.

    1. That doesn’t mean you have Superior that means you have inferior as humans are evolving to Lose their wisdom teeth..

    1. Probably too zonked to understand the word.

      Wuz in ma mou..?


      girl thinks: ” ’cause why…?”

  4. WOW!!! Really!?!? How much more fucking retarded can an American Get! LOL we needa step our game up just a notch or two

  5. nickynoname talks about molesting all the time and lolo talks about pineapple all the time…. they are fags who think they are clever.

    1. We sure are. Although I suspect that even 2lolo doesn’t believe himself to be intelligent.

    2. Gabe just wants your phone number Nick, it’s a fag trap don’t share any personal information. Unless somenone knows 2lolo’s address.

    3. The old fag trap eh… shame on you Gabe! If you wanted my digits, you just had to ask.

  6. After the second series of same slurred questions and same chuckling answers to those slurred questions. I had to stop this video to say.
    Sometimes wisdom teeth are called those for a reason.

  7. seriously what do they inject in you americans?? when i had surgery i just felt wierd right after i woke up again, i remember i was thanking the doctors and everything, i felt so happy but this is just…wow…

  8. Almost like a Abbott and Costello routine of “Who’s on 1st?”…unfortunately i have a feeling this chick has always been this dense.

  9. I feel sorry for her. Wisdom teeth are little fuckers, and they can cause a lot of troubles.
    Who was filming her anyway, her mom? Why, for Christ’s sake?
    Why didn’t she just help her get to the house and then let her sleep…

  10. Oh shit I’m getting my wisdom tooth pulled out soon…..I’m gonna be like her and my mother better not do this to me. lmao 😛


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