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    1. So we could all marvel at his buff physique of course… and to make it easier for gay paedophiles to masturbate to. Good news for 2lolo.

  1. Lucky the ladder didn’t break or he wouldn’t be able to climb onto his bed and quietly tug it to photos of Justin Bieber.

  2. It seems to take teenagers quite a bit of experience to learn that they are not immune to physics. And quite a bit more to realize they are funny ass fuckwits.

  3. Why is he filming himself???? and why in boxers???? looks like he was doing that in a closet….. why why why.

  4. Ok, ladder. After this incident I’m going to set you down nicely and walk away like nothing happened. Right, camera? Camera?
    *Camera uses state of the art satellites and instantly uploads to youtube*

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