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    1. She is always the optimist, just like thinking someone would fuck her with matching ink on her thunder thighs.

    2. I have to admire her positive attitude. And the look of fear on those people’s faces is priceless.

    3. I’ll bet the survivors of that “splash” wished they’d brought some sheets of polyethylene. Gallagher never tried that one.

    4. So, 2lolo, why did your mother not flush the toilet when she douched you out? I didn’t know a vaginal stone could last this long outside the “womb”.

  1. The two guys simultaneously burying their faces in their elbows in an attempt to pretend the didn’t see her jump is classic. But, right behind them is the guy who discovered he is standing on the landing spot and he has a look of sheer fuckin terror as he tries to escape.

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