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  1. he is not thรกt good.. The voice is very good at some points, but it just isn’t the same the way he talks.. i miss that typical freeman flow..

    1. Have you seen that 17 ten year old? Cause if you don’t want to copulate all over her you must be gay.

    1. It’s “impression” anonymous web user, used when someone tries to mimick a celebrity’s specific feat, like deep voice or facial expressions.
      “Impersonation” is acting like you are that person, wear same clothes/hat/shoes, talk like them etc.

  2. its very good, but he needs to work on it more. he breaks off character when he draws out syllables. But honestly, isn’t the Morgan Freeman impression over done. It’s like the new Arnold Swartzeneggar. nearly every comedic hack is doing it now.

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