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  1. Bad tag EF, its apostrophe FAIL!, Americans can’t locate America on WORLD MAP and sure enough they can’t spell, they got too much fats in their brain

    1. If you are going to bash Americans and their abilities in both locating “America” on a map and grammar, then the least you can do is write a sentence properly 🙂

    2. LOL, I love when 3rd world haters post about America.

      We give our .13 cents per day to take care of your kids so STFU.

    3. What’s funny is that you missed the whole point of the fail. It should have said “shall” not “she’ll.” Sure “weapon’s” is wrong as well. But like you said, us Americans got too much “fats” on our brains…you’re definitely the genious.

    4. So, when non-Americans think of America, do they automatically just have an image of the movie “Deliverance” pop into their heads? Because not all of America is like that. Some of it is, to be sure, but not all of it. That’s like saying, “All Brits are too busy drinking tea and circle jerking around the queen to get anything done.”

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