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    1. I’m the new sheriff in town and I don’t like people being judgemental. So take it down a notch.

  1. Just give her 5 years and she’ll be legal. Unless you subscribe to the “half your age MINUS seven” rule! lol But ya… totally cute so I don’t consider this one a fail.

  2. the whole reason it’s a fail is because she’s pretty, but she’s making herself ugly with those ridiculous eyebrows…

  3. All jokes aside…I would guess she’s a cancer patient going/has gone through chemo and has lost all of her hair. If you look closely she not only has no eyebrows, she has no eyelashes and almost positive that’s a wig she’s wearing. I think she’s beautiful! Smart ass comments may come from this but personally I think this needs to be taken down as a fail.

    1. Actually, she has alopecia. But you’re the first person on here to make a comment worth reading 🙂

  4. I don’t think she’s old enough…for anything…and she’s trying to look probably like her mother….ugh..

  5. Some of us were born with really thin eyebrows:/
    I look weird having dark brown hair and really thin light brown eyebrows:( so I have to make them a lil darker.

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