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    1. After all Nicky No Name, it’s you and FRED……. BLOW in IAN EAR and IAN will love you forever…………

  1. When I first saw this pic I thought the fail was the guy dressed as a girl on the left. She looks like a man and he looks like a girl. Perfect couple

    1. by looking, yes. you would. generally speaking, you don’t see dudes dancing with eachother in bars. so the next time you feel something up your ass, take a quick look around and check if there’s dudes dancing cheek to cheek.

  2. synthol boobs and synthol arms.

    it’s some liquid shit which can be injected anywhere you want to add size, just looks so unnatural.

    1. okay that was actually disrespectful towards Katy Perry’s cleavage cause you can say what you want about that chick, but damn does she have fine boobs…

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