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  1. I heard there is no such thing as a security tape fixation. Indeed, that should fix it, you floozy!

    The vid’s jerkier than beef.

  2. I know all the greasy little teens will be thinking “wow that’s so fucking cool, I wish I could do that” but to anyone with common sense, this is just retarded. Fun to watch but still retarded.

    1. Agreed. This is going to go viral just for the fact that it is cool to watch *a knowledgeable person* doing it. Then it will become the latest fad and finally end up outlawed because too many fucktards are Tokyo Drifting their big wheels and tricycles into parked cars or oncoming traffic and getting killed.

    2. The “Jackass” effect… Like that kid that got dressed as a rabbit and layed down in the middle of traffic to mimick Johnny Knoxville.
      I don’t know what happened to the bloody rabbit costume.

  3. This is cool?

    Wow I’m getting old.

    Kids like this used to get the shit kicked out of them when I was in school.

    Fucking faggots.

  4. Looks FAKE! Some only wear sandals to skid on their feet?? No helmets?? 3 Wheelers don’t have good balance which is why they don’t make 3 wheel ATVs any more!!

  5. Where do you wanna start….No Helmets, no safety pad, no regard for other road users, no common sense to even bother with safety and Illegally towing people. How about getting some safety gear, Children look at these videos and as everyone knows children copy what they see! Kids are going to try this and end up face first into a car! Only a fool would think this drifting is cool!!!!

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