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    1. First to say first, Yes you are…good for you! I bet you were waiting for someone to comment on your little achievement there big boy!

      Why is this fail? She is HOT!

    2. when the first person to comment has nothing funny to say
      they simply leave it at first..I..AM..SO…ASHAMED.really.
      and guys covered in pubes and lotion only pretend to have stalkers aint that right big boy.

  1. Fair play to him, she’s pretty fit. Problem with animated Japanese teenage girls though, is that they inevitably get raped by some 12-dicked monster. Or at least that’s what I’ve come to believe from years of Hentai masturbation sessions.

  2. I call it a /win. She’s by far the cutest character in the show (personal fav.) and it’s not a completely god-aweful photoshop job either. Having the confidence/balls to even make+post this online is /win-worthy XD

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