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    1. Well then, for the sake of science, try shredding a dozen rolls of toilet paper in your living room and see if you feel differently.

    1. You guys are SUCH fags with your stupid little shots at each other which have absolutely no humor in them whatso ever. Give it up fuck, its getting old.

    2. Marston seems like Ricky on Trailer Park Boys. Fuck around and he’ll get his “clearing stick” after you.

    3. @Lymbe: Marston’s taking charge of this cluster-fuck. Sit up straight and spit out your gum.

    4. I don’t remember writing that. Supposedly I’m an angry drunk eh… at ease-and carry on men..and girl…

    5. Hello Britishgril

      It’s not hate. It’s more like Dislike…… Take FRED Always putting in his 2 cents… The DOUCHE-BAG who call himself “ME” Trying to get into the ACT…. well o.k. call it HATE……

    6. Interesting, 2Lolo, I appreciate you answering to my doubt …You cleared up my mind! Really 😀

  1. From a cat to dog’s perspective –

    (Hey Dawg: Dammit, I told you not to put Queen’s – ‘WE WILL ROCK YOU’ on again! BUT HOLY CRAP That SHIT WAS FUN!!!!

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