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  1. That was the new stunt called the “up down turn around fall over get arrested sit legs crossed” very hard to master but he got it in one. WELL DONE!

  2. lol,that down right had to suck for that dude,i kinda felt bad for him,not only did the chick hurry to get the fuck outa there the pig just gave him a few hundred dollars in fines,sucks 2 b yea

  3. I am wondering wtf he was trying to do. The cop was right there in plain sight. This guy needs to be escorted back onto the short bus and get back in his room!

  4. LOL This is in Miami. I go drinking around the bars there all the time. This was during the art show. That’s why there are those railings. They were getting ready for an event. Specifically this was in Coconut Grove. I can spot the bikini shop behind him and the johnny rockets across the street. Not to mention the Miami PD car.

    Also he wasn’t trying to show off. His throttle got stuck and the bike took off on him. He should have hit his kill switch and not let it flop around like that. Probably scratched the shit all up 🙁

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