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    1. @first–your momma brainwashed dick sucking schmuck, who can’t get a word in edgewise because her mouth is always full

    1. First…inAmerica, we have nice safe special Ed classes for douchebags like you. Protects the rest of us as well.

  1. well since youre black, mug someone for your ps vida and shove a coathanger and a bent up spoon in your whore’s cooch, followed by a vacuum of course. andddd WIN! ghetto style yo

  2. 1. I Can’t belive that he put his picture there
    2. Bro, the birth is only the first fee that you will pay for your son
    3. Think with your head and not with your dick

  3. Bitch must think she’s special or some shit. Bet she wants to get married in a Church’s, too. But what kinda money is this hospital video dude gonna charge? Only person that I know that favorites birth videos on YouTube is 2lolo.

    1. What in hell are you talking about? He said his friend could HELP DELIVER THE BABY because he’s watched videos….

    2. Yes FRED I’m still hopping for you to get your SEX CHANGE..
      Maybe you can be like your DADDY, FART YOU OUT…………..

    3. You’re “hopping” for me? Well, how ’bout “hopping” your goofy fucking ass into an oncoming train or an alligator pit?

    1. what?! why?! do you know how shity that sounds bro its a baby its way more important than sonys pos system

  4. Why is he even bothering?
    He’s black…LOL
    He’ll simply abandon her like 90% of the other bruthas out there do when faced with a thing called responsibility.

  5. I’m pretty surprised she doesn’t get Medicaid to pay for everything. Who’s been paying for doctors visits? Or are these people so worthless they don’t bother to have any check-ups? The kid doesn’t really stand a chance with parents like this.

  6. Yeah, because it’s not like we’ve only been giving birth in hospitals for the past 50 years or so…. and then the rest of fucking human history we did it at home.

    So what the hell is wrong with this?

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