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  1. Alas, his balls dropped off!
    Yeah that’s what I like to do every now and then: Taking champagne bottles and stuffing them up the anus of some unsuspecting individual – Getting wasted anally is the shit!
    Fuck, I’m evil, take my pants out, I go without them, show the world my glory. Have a nice weekend, Asians!

    1. pace yourself poopr, I think you blew your comment load all at once there. I was reading & exhausted by the end aswell. Keep it to 2 short sentences… tomorrow another fail comes, trust me.

    1. @FRED, Remember the BOWING BALL you sat on and went up your ASS-O.. The owner of the Bowing BALL want’s you to PAY for it… NO WAY HE WANT’S THE BOWING BALL BACK………….

    1. @IAN, If you get a PENIS that will keep “Nicky No Name” HAPPY, He would be RAPING DOGS…………….

  2. She should consider herself lucky. Not for marrying the guy, but that he didn’t get her in the eye. Know how to aim your corks, people!

  3. Only if that went in her eye, it would have been a totally different story. 1cm away from being partially blind.

  4. Aw, come on folks, did you see his lightning fast reflexes coming to her aid? The man is a gentelman and deserves our respect. What, you never fucked up ike this before?

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