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    1. I wanted my 5 mins of fame, go fuck yourself. BTW, does anyone know how to get iced coffee out of a keyboard?

    2. I do… break the keyboard in half, and pour out the coffee. It makes as much sense as pausing to take a picture while iced coffee seeps into your keyboard.

      LOL… sorry dude, but I gotta echo his sentiment… although I do feel your pain. Sometimes one does simply relent to the notion that you’re just F’ed, so you may as well squat in the mud and roll around in it.

      However, this is… so what would you expect to see her, but insults from people who simply cannot resist kicking you in the B-hole while you’re down.


      If you have any sick-and-tired leave accrued, I recommend you use it immediately.

    3. Pour gasoline in it and set it on fire. That will vaporize the water and burn off the sugar and coffee. Works EVERY time.

    4. The Best way to get rid of it, Let FRED SIT on that shit and his ass-o will do all the work. POWER OF SUCKING……… THAT’S FRED FOR U………

    1. looks like the douchebag has a backup iced coffee just incase that shit happened. lol

  1. Americunts. lol
    Hope the boss sees that their employee decided to stop and take a photo instead of trying to save the computer

  2. Looked like vomit at first and was gonna call it a win for partying hard on Sunday. Then I realized it was frozen coffee and figured they are pussies.

  3. To clean a keyboard just unplug it washing it with just water as well as you possibly can.
    And thenMAKE SURE it’s dry… You’ll be good to go after that.

  4. “Damn, I spilled coffee over my work’s 1000 dollar computer, let me grab the camera and take a picture :P”

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